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Garbely & Associates, LLC is a transportation debt collection agency, dedicated to the transportation and maritime community. We successfully recover bad debt for our clients in a cost effective and timely manner. With over twenty years of experience, our team is fully equipped to handle debt issues ranging from detention and demurrage, rate disputes, consignee and shipper disputes, and damage claims.

We have created a debt collection process that delivers resolution plans for our clients within 7 days of opening a new case. The key to our success is through establishing good rapport with not only our clients, but also the debtors. By building trust with the debtors and creating workable payment programs, we successfully bridge the communication gap between the parties and deliver the achieved goal of collecting the debt.

  • Step-by-step guidance in the debt collection process. We walk our clients through the process from beginning to end.
  • Each client is assigned a dedicated Account Executive to work on their individual case.
  • Clients are provided detailed reports to track and monitor performance goals.
  • Collection fees are fully contingent only upon collection. We don’t get paid until our clients do.

Transportation Debt Collection

Realizing the need for a dedicated Transportation Collection Agency founder Joseph Garbely matriculated collectors from various multi-function collection agencies- and harnessed them into a highly effective transportation specific collection team.

Air Freight

Trying to collect on an air freight claim? Nowadays, everything is recorded and tracked through paperwork. This includes the air waybill, certificate of origin, and bank statement. These documents serve as evidence of what is transported, and identifies the consignor, consignee and the carrier company. We investigate these documents to establish the facts of the case. Was a cargo charges correction advice (CCA) filed? What was the charges collect (CC) amount on the air waybill? Did the bank authorize release of goods from the carrier? Determining the rates, parties involved and identifying debtors allows us to quickly work towards a resolution plan that makes sense for all parties.


Recovering cargo and collecting payment on goods shipped out of the United States can be a nightmare. Time is of the utmost importance. Our clients need for us to act fast as ships can vanish or enter ports with murky jurisdiction laws. Plus maritime liens are only enforceable for about a year. Garbely & Associates, LLC works with a network of collection agencies overseas to overcome foreign jurisdiction obstacles that our clients cannot do alone. Whether our clients need us to simply track a ship's whereabouts, subrogate a claim, or enforce a maritime ship arrest, we can do so in a fast turn around time to ensure higher recovery success.

Inland Transport

When transporting goods by land, often times disputes arise over who pays for the goods. Is it the shipper or consignee? Unfortunately in instances like this, the carrier is left with the debt to collect and sometimes stuck with unwanted merchandise. Garbely & Associates, LLC works effectively and efficiently to remedy the situation. We investigate the bill of lading to determine who is responsible and take active measures to ensure the carrier is paid for transportation of goods delivered.

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International Debt Collection Expertise
Money knows no borders nor do we.

International debt collection and recovery can be one of the most complicated and costly tasks your business will face. In your efforts to clear your books of delinquent debt and get cash flowing again, you are most likely having problems:

  • Arriving at an amicable, out-of-court solution;
  • Communicating or negotiating in the language of your debtor;
  • Understanding the laws of the land where your debtor is located;
  • Dealing with debtors or debt collection agencies in a number of countries, across several time zones, and multiple currencies;
  • Consolidating all of your international debt collection endeavours into one efficient and effective collection operation; or
  • Finding reliable and cost-effective legal counsel in your debtor's jurisdiction

Need to recover debt from a foreign company? Clients trying to collect transportation debt from international debtors are challenged with language and currency barriers not to mention time zone differences. These clients are also must to deal with foreign jurisdictions that have different laws than the United States. For instance, a maritime lien that might be enforceable in the United States may not be the case in Singapore.

The overwhelming enormity of navigating through all these challenges is often too much for the average business to handle on its own. We take the stress and responsibility off our clientsí shoulders by consolidating all their international debt collection into one transportation collection recovery operation. With our wide network of international attorneys and debt collection agencies we are able to maneuver around foreign obstacles to arrive at amicable out of court solutions, collect debt and provide excellent legal counsel for our clients.